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    Design Bootcamp for Web and Mobile Startups
    Want to Build Products that are “Insanely Great”? Come and Learn the Secret to Apple’s Success.

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  • Resources

    The START Network provides essential resources for early-stage tech start-ups.

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  • Services

    The START Network offers low-cost and no-cost services to high-potential tech start-ups.

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  • HUBs

    START HUBS provide a physical space for early stage entrepreneurs and investors to connect, explore, and create new ventures.

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More about us…

  • The START Network is a network of physical and Human resources dedicated to supporting technology start-ups and early-stage investors. Our mission is to attract, connect, and develop talent to establish high-impact new ventures that create value for key stakeholders and society as a whole. We believe great companies are born from the combination of talented individuals, great ideas, and focused actions.
  • START (SAVVi TOPICA Accelerator for Resourcing Technology) is a World Bank-funded collaboration between SAVVi Investors’ Forum, TOPICA Education Group, and John von Neumann Institute at Vietnam National University HCMC.